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Laser Hair Removal for Darker Skin Tones


Full Body Laser Hair Removal

Varies | Prices start at $150

Bikini Laser Hair Removal

Varies | Prices start at $100

Underarm Laser Hair Removal

Varies | Prices start at $75

About Us
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Welcome to

Glo by KE

Glo By KE is a trusted destination for laser hair removal, specializing in providing safe and effective treatments for individuals with darker skin tones.


With our advanced laser technology and expertise, we offer a personalized approach that caters specifically to your unique needs. We understand the nuances of treating diverse skin types, ensuring optimal results without compromising safety.


The procedure is virtually painless and requires minimal downtime, making it a convenient solution for unwanted hair growth.


With Glo By KE, clients can expect long-lasting results.


Honestly, I'm so happy with my results so far.
The inside of my legs has had less growth and the outside is becoming patchy which is less hair! And it's only the first session. I am excited to see what comes next.


I woke up today with no ingrown hairs! Your laser machine works. I've tried others, and they have failed me because of my PCOS.  Thank you for explaining everything and walking me through every step of the process. I appreciate it.  

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